Organizing Pitfalls #12: Buying containers too early in the process

Organizing Pitfalls #12: Buying containers too early in the process

We’ve all had that experience of seeing the pretty pictures on Pinterest, in a magazine, or on TV. It’s this beautifully organized space that looks SO appealing and you think, “I wish my closet, pantry, or living room looked like that.”   Those pictures are amazing inspirations, and yes… as organizers we love to look at them […]

How to Organize Infant Clothing

What’s the proper way to organize infant clothing?  Yeah, there is no “right” or “proper” way.  Bummer.  It is up to you to determine what system works best for you.   A couple of questions you can ask yourself before you start:   Do I want to fold clothes or simply toss into drawers? Do […]

How to Store Frozen Breast Milk – Living Peace Tuesday Tip

In today’s Tuesday Tip, Hillary Case Adams, Living Peace Professional Organizer, shares her system for freezing and storing breast milk. In this video, Hillary gives you an effective, yet simple way for you to set up and maintain your own system for freezing and storing breast milk.  

Command Central: The “Don’t Forget” Zone

  You’re busy trying to run out the door to get to work, school or make that appointment on time.  In the frenzy to get yourself ready, you have to remember all those little items to take with you; handbag, cell phone, car keys, water bottle, the list goes on.  Then there are those days where […]

“Keep, Toss, Donate” vs. SWABS

There are many different ways that people go about an organizing project. We all start with a vision of how we wish our space would work. Then we need to get down and dirty by going through our “stuff” and getting rid of anything we can part with. Although most of the time we all […]

Organizing Yourself for Spring Cleaning!

It’s been a long winter here in New England, and even though it’s only hitting the high 40’s, people are already driving around with their windows down and no jacket!  I know the cabin fever and nicer weather combine to make us itchy for some spring cleaning, so here are some tips for you:   […]