Organizing in a Small Space: Communication Challenges

Organizing in a Small Space: Communication Challenges

Have you ever had a disagreement with your partner over organizing? Chances are the answer is yes, and you´re not alone. Here´s an illuminating story about a disagreement my partner and I had recently about tidying up that highlights the need for communication when it comes to your household organizing systems. Our beloved home is comparable to a tiny-home…except […]

Learn How-to Manage Tasks Series – Living Peace Tuesday Tip

Let’s talk about Task Management. Did you know that learning how-to manage your tasks can lead to success not only in completing your organizing project but can help in creating new habits, maintain your organization systems and add ease to your everyday. In this Video Series, Erin Elizabeth Wells, Living Peace Professional Organizing Founder walks […]

Organizing Pitfalls #12: Buying containers too early in the process

We’ve all had that experience of seeing the pretty pictures on Pinterest, in a magazine, or on TV. It’s this beautifully organized space that looks SO appealing and you think, “I wish my closet, pantry, or living room looked like that.”   Those pictures are amazing inspirations, and yes… as organizers we love to look at them […]

Organizing Projects for a Snowy Day

If you live in the Northeast or any part of the country where it snows often during the winter, you eventually get a little cabin fever.  Why not channel that extra energy into something productive?  Here are some ideas for organizing your home on a snowy day (for those who live in non-snowy areas, perhaps […]

Staying Organized on Holiday Break – for the Empty Nesters

Perhaps your darling cherubs are returning home from school for the holiday break. We both know that they will expect to come and go as they please without checking in, just like at school, right?  That is a topic for another professional! As an organizing professional, I would like to focus on how you can […]