Four Questions for Deciding Where to Store Things

Remember in grade school when you were assigned a desk in the classroom?  It made the teacher’s life easier, right?  A large part of organizing is deciding where things will “live” in your space and assigning them a particular “home”.  This is true for everything from kitchen gadgets to computer gadgets, paper plates to paperwork, […]

Organizing Spices for Travel

Traveling to a lake house every summer has made me somewhat of an expert of all things travel-sized.    We rent a cottage and while the “fully stocked kitchen” might sound perfect, experience has shown that the contents of said kitchen can’t always be trusted.  It wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t love cooking […]

De-Cluttering: Can It Bring Happiness?

In her New York Times Bestseller The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin starts her year-long Happiness Project with a focus on vitality and a plan to boost her energy.  One of the things she tackels is her clutter, noting that “Household disorder was a constant drain” as well as acknowledging the “psychic clutter of loose ends”.  She […]

Getting Organized:Tips From a Life Coach

Getting Organized:Tips From a Life Coach

I had a great conversation recently with my friend and colleague, Deidre Danahar of In Motion Consulting and Coaching about my favorite topic – ORGANIZING.  Deidre was preparing for a television segement on how to get organized – something we both feel passionate about.  In my coaching practice, and now in my organizing work, I […]