The Tech Box Conundrum

About a month ago, David Galloway wrote a short article on apartment therapy asking “Should You Toss Your Tech Boxes?” I was very excited to hear his answer because my husband and techy friends all save the original packaging their electronics came in. We have boxes stored in our closet, attic, and basement. Whenever I […]

Top 10 Reasons to Work with a Professional Organizer

Top 10 Reasons to Work with a Professional Organizer

10. Not everyone has been taught how to be organized.  We can teach you organizing skills. 9. Being organized looks different for each person.  We can help you create YOUR version of organized. 8. It’s more fun to organize when someone is doing it with you.  (It goes faster too!) 7. Professional Organizers take confidentiality […]

Create Quick Kits for Everything

One of my favorite ideas was recently captured in this Pinterest pin about creating quick kits for all your activities and needs. Source: via Erin on Pinterest     I have little personal care kits in my briefcase & purse. I’ve helped clients create kits to entertain their kids in the car, to take […]

Shoe Organizer Series- Part 1

In working with my clients, shoe organizing inevitably comes up.  Some clients have systems in place that work for them; others are looking for some new ideas.   I thought it would be fun to compose a series of blog posts featuring the pros and cons of different shoe organizing systems.  Not every system will […]

Paper Management: Make Time to Shred

Unfortunately, these days we are all increasingly at risk of identity theft. We need to be vigilant about managing our personal information, so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. This can be difficult when we’re constantly receiving this information in the mail. No one wants to hang onto every piece of paper that has […]

Craft Organizing: Creative Storage for Your Yarn

Craft Organizing: Creative Storage for Your Yarn

Have you caught Spring fever yet? Are you eager to pack away the down comforters and buy new warm-weather bedding to brighten up your bedroom?  After your purchase, DON’T TOSS THAT GREAT ZIPPERED PLASTIC BAG your new goodies came in! Instead, save it for some easy craft organizing. Use the bag to store all the great yarn that […]