Holiday Scheduling- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Hillary Case, Living Peace Professional Organizer, brings you some suggestions of tools to use to help schedule holiday gatherings.   Tools suggested: Google Calendar: Doodle: Google Drive (formally Google Docs):

Create a Collage While Family is in Surgery

My sister-in-law recently had a major surgery.  While the surgery was scheduled as opposed to emergency, the family was still apprehensive and emotional during the long surgery.  To help keep our minds busy, we used the time to create a collage for my sister-in-law.   We brought with us to the hospital waiting room magazines, […]

Communicate Your Expectations

Communicate Your Expectations

Communication is key when working toward maintaining a home with others.  Everybody is “wired” differently and may not be aware of the the same household tasks that need to be accomplished.  For example, if the dishwasher contains clean dishes, my first thought is, “the dishwasher needs to be emptied as soon as possible.”  My husband […]