Using Categories to Simplify Your Filing System

Do you have a drawer full of files but can’t find the one you want? Do you have your files alphabetized but you can’t remember what you named a particular file? Have you ever made a new file and then realized you had one already (but just didn’t remember)? Solution: Sort your files into categories. […]

Benefits of Getting Organized: Sense of Homecoming

Benefits of Getting Organized: Sense of Homecoming

“As you begin to get organized, you feel more and more confident in your ability to incorporate order into your life…You will begin to have a sense of homecoming.  When you come “home,” whether to your house, your office, or even your car, you will become energized and engaged rather than depressed…You may experiece a […]

How to Organize the Mail

Not too long ago, there were rumors and hopes of a totally paperless society.  Well, we aren’t quite there yet (and I’m not completely convinced we will ever be).  And while there are so many “solutions” and “systems” for organizing the mail, the issue maintains its place as the number one challenge of households today.  […]

Purse Organizing: Avoiding the Big Dig!

Purse Organizing: Avoiding the Big Dig!

I’ve tried all types of purse organizers – and short of having my husband carry my lipstick in his pocket – what I’ve found to be the easiest and what works best for me is to use a system that corrals, confines, and communicates with small zippered pouches.  I have one I call “Personal” and one I […]

Copy your Wallet

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have lost your wallet, or heaven forbid have it stollen, you know how stressful the process of cancelling all your credit cards and reording new ones can be.  Do yourself a favor and make a photocopy of the front and backs of all your vital cards in your […]

Making Something out of Something Else

You’ve probably head the saying “making something out of nothing.” Usually, this sentiment is offered when someone is making a bigger deal out of something than necessary.  However, when it comes to organizing, I say, “make something out of something else.”  It can be a very effective creative philosophy to hold when attempting to organize […]