How to Dispose of Unused Prescription Drugs

I received a leaflet from my veterinary clinic with instructions on how to best dispose of unused prescription medications.  While the source of where I received the leaflet was slightly odd, the information is relevent for human and animal medications. I always remember hearing “throw unused medications down the toilet.”  This is no longer reccommended […]

Brain Drain: Mental TO DO Lists

Brain Drain: Mental TO DO Lists

A friend recently told me she is trying to prevent Alzheimer’s by trying to remember everything she has to do (without writing it down) as a form of mental excercise. I’m all about mental exercise and keeping sharp, but I suggested that my friend do the crossword puzzle or a Sudoku instead of keeping her […]

Product Review: Extra Storage Closet

I have used a few different versions of self-contained storage racks with a client recently.  We have been constructing them to store seasonal clothing stored in the attic.  The enclosed nature of the rack provides protection from dust and critters.  My client has a few different brands of the product, but by and large they […]