Shift Happens

I adore this time of year. To me, September means new beginnings, new things to learn, new possibilities to explore. I heard an ad on the radio for a college program designed to help people who don’t fit the traditional structure. A student is heard saying: “It’s not that I can’t learn- it’s just that […]

Organizing Your Time – Sorting

One of the first and fundamental lessons at Living Peace is the 6 steps to organizing: Sort, Weed, Assign a Home, Buy/Locate, Setup, and Label.  What I love about these steps is that they can be used to organize anything, including your time.  I learned this at Living Peace and also through books like Julie […]

“The Reality of Time”

“The Reality of Time”

 Do you ever wake up bright and early on a Saturday morning (okay, maybe not bright and definitely not early) and think: I am going to get that project done? You know you have nothing else planned, so you have the time.  I did exactly that this weekend. Somehow the hours passed, each one occupied with something […]

What’s so funny?

Maybe something’s in the air! It seems like every time I open a magazine or newspaper I run into a comic commentary on disorganization and clutter. Now I’m  thinking the funny-pages may be on to something.  The MOST important treasure in my Organizer’s Tool Kit is a sense of humor!  Really – can you imagine […]

Falling Back Into Old Habits

Falling Back Into Old Habits

 Organizing is about making choices and creating habits. I recently talked about aiming for balance, not perfection. As much as I believe in this, there are times when I fall back into my old habits of perfectionism. When and why does this happen? It happens when life sends me a challenge. Ironically, my perfectionism, which is a lack of self-control, […]

What exactly do we do as professional organizers?

Someone once asked me if a professional organizer is “just a parent-figure telling people to ‘Go clean up your room!’”   No. Not even close.   Professional organizers may be experts, but we will never scold you like a parent. Instead, we will guide you along a path. We will:   Ask you questions to help […]



 I don’t know about you- but the way to my man’s heart is frequently through his wallet. Combine frugal Yankee traits with a lack-luster economy, and you may relate to his (and my) reaction to “wasting “ money. Nevertheless, it happens more than it might due to the simple fact of forgetting a cardinal rule of organizing: […]

Creating a home for love to bloom

 I was having a girls-night recently. I love these chances to catch up and frequently explore topics that only close friends would wander into. Even still, I was surprised when my update about joining Living Peace as a Professional Organizer triggered one of my friends to reveal that she had grown up in an extremely chaotic […]

Reasonably Organized – Balance, Not Perfection

 REA-SON-ABLE: 1a: being in accordance with reason; b: not extreme or excessive. 2 a: possessing sound judgment   A few weeks ago, we discussed a book by Kathy Waddill that said successful organizing for anyone means being "Reasonably" Organized. Success comes when a person allows for flexibility.      If you ask any of my family and […]