Sticking With Velcro

This week I came across two new Velcro interventions!  Car Note Pad with suction cup (found in a closet) The instructions say to wet the suction cup and apply to the windshield but this didn’t work for me – obstructing my view and the suction didn’t hold.  I bought some adhesive-backed Velcro, applying a strip […]

Vampires – Good or Bad?

Vampires – Good or Bad?

I couldn’t resist sinking my teeth into this topic as the teens in my life breathlessly anticipate tonight’s screening of New Moon   (the film based on Stephanie Meyer’s hit novel.)   My vote:  Edward = GOOD     Energy vampires = BAD  You know the ones I’m thinking of – the people, places, activities, behaviors and things that […]

The Little Things in Life

I am quickly learning that it is about the little things in life.  Those small moments that happen everyday, that make us pause for just a second.  In terms of our lives and our spaces, a little thing could be the look of a clean desktop first thing in the morning.  It could be that […]

Small Steps, Little Rewards, Great Motivation

One thing that I learned this week is that even the smallest of decisions can add up to make a big difference. Often the most difficult thing about feeling disorganized is that sense of being overwhelmed by our stuff, our space, our time.  This is when it is important to realize that progress begins with […]

When Personal and Professional Worlds Collide Online!

The Old World of Separate Lives We have been taught for decades that we have different spheres in our lives: personal friends, family, and professional relationships (to name just a few). We are many things at once: Wife/husband/partner Parent/Grandparent Professional/Employee/Manager/Executive Friend Community member/volunteer   With the Industrial Revolution, our working lives increasingly moved out of […]

Stress in Physical Form

Surroundings, spaces, clutter can affect you in many ways.  Stress can, and often will, take on a physical form.  That space that causes you anxiety whenever you see it, could also affect you in a physical way – muscle aches, back pain, a cold.  The specific physical manifestation can differ for each person.  For me, […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

The mornings are getting pretty nippy – and I’m doing my best to stay warm inside – deep down inside –starting my day with hot cereal.  We all know the benefits (physically and soulfully) of beginning the day with a steaming bowl of hot oatmeal, but who wants to face the nasty mess only oatmeal […]

Got a Monkey just Hangin’ Around?

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” – William James It is an amazing Ah-ha moment when you stumble across another person’s words and they perfectly describe how you have been feeling for the last few weeks. I have found that there is nothing harder than taking the first […]

Never wear anything that panics the cat!

I LOVE this quote. It seems appropriate advice at this season of ghosts and goblins – but also serves as a reminder as I change over my clothes to the reality of darker, colder days. My closet overhaul takes time (and a full length mirror) because it is always a moment of reckoning. What shape is my body […]

Time Management 101 – A Planner that Works for YOU

Time Management 101 – A Planner that Works for YOU

Feeling like you need to get a better handle on your schedule even though you already have a calendar? Maybe what you are using isn’t the best fit for you. I recently discovered this for myself. For the past few years, I’ve been using a Palm Pilot. It’s cute and blue and shiny and always […]