Budgeting to Make You Happy!

Have you ever had trouble trying to create a budget? Does taking a peek into your checkbook ever cause you stress? Well the good news is, you are not alone. We have some of the best tips for removing a lot of the legwork, and making budgeting simple and easier for you. First of all, […]

Second Semester Restart

We’ve all felt those “December blues”, and when the new year comes around it is a chance to get back on track. A new year with new goals, and for students, another semester. Everyone comes back from the holidays and is ready to stick to their resolutions. For students it’s time to give it their […]

Holiday Aftermath

The holidays can be a wonderful and joyful time of year. They can also be a very stressful time. But just as there is a lot to do before the holidays begin. There are also tons of things to do when the holiday ends. You are beginning a new year, and it’s always nice to […]

Meal Planning That You Can do Right Now

There is a myth out there that meal planning has to be this amazingly hard thing, and that only stay at home moms really have time to do it. Well, I am here to help debunk that myth. I do understand how it can seem like meal planning can be this super hard thing. But […]

Mail Comes in, But Never Goes Out

Do you at times find large piles of mail begin to accumulate on your kitchen table? Or on top of your desk, or even the stairs? Email seems to be the way that the world is going and yet it feels like we are getting even more junk mail than ever. Unfortunately paper junk mail […]