Time Management – Seeing Where the Time Goes

No matter how well I’ve organized myself, I’m still stuck with the same 24 hours in a day I’ve always had. I can’t manage a day into 25 hours, but I can manage how I spend those 24.  Keep a Simple Log This is the first step I take whenever I feel squeezed from all directions. […]

ADD Strategies- Why Fidgeting is Fine

Have you or your child been diagnosed with ADD? Have you been told to turn off the music while doing homework or to stop doodling in class? How about being told to sit still or stop trying to do two things at once? Fidget to Focus In their book Fidget to Focus Outwit Your Boredom: […]

Organizing House Paint- Making Touch-ups Easy

While I don’t really need another reason to validate my peanut butter consumption, I’ve found this tip to be a handy excuse to keep my favorite snack on hand! When you’ve finished painting a room – pour out the last of the can of paint into a peanut butter jar, labeling the top and sides […]