Staying Organized on Holiday Break – for the Empty Nesters

Staying Organized on Holiday Break – for the Empty Nesters

Perhaps your darling cherubs are returning home from school for the holiday break. We both know that they will expect to come and go as they please without checking in, just like at school, right?  That is a topic for another professional! As an organizing professional, I would like to focus on how you can […]

Pantry Cooking – Shop Your Own Pantry and Save Money

If your children have recently left the nest, you may be surprised at how full your pantry still is. Or maybe you have been coupon shopping or shopping bulk, and now you have 15 boxes of rice pilaf and no idea how you accumulated so many! This post will help you shop your own pantry […]

Donation Resources- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Melissa Belliard, Living Peace Professional Organizer, offers some suggestions for where to donate your unwanted goods. Clothing donations – Google your local thrift store, or try one of these organizations: Big Brothers Big Sisters: Vietnam Veterans of America: Goodwill: The Salvation Army: Here is the link to the original Tuesday Tip […]

What is your new vision for your Empty Nest?

As you find your nest emptying, are you seeing new possibilities for your surroundings?  This post will discuss how to create a new vision for your home as it changes occupants.  I used to joke with my son in letters to him at summer camp that I had rented out his room in his absence […]

Organizing for the Empty Nester

My name is Melissa Belliard, and I am one of the Professional Organizers at Living Peace.  I have one child (well, young adult of 20) who moved out of the house 2 years ago, and one child on his way to college this fall, so I now qualify as an Empty-Nester in Progress.  For those […]