Memorabilia: What to Ask Yourself When Deciding What to Keep

A friend just emailed me asking me for some organizing advice.  “Is there any need to keep cards we received for our wedding?” The answer to that question would be different for everybody.  So here is the big question to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to keep wedding cards or any kind of […]

Piles on the Stairs: Proceed with Caution

The other day, I put a couple of papers on the stairs to take up with me next time I go up.  I told my husband that’s why I put them there.  Then he asked a very sensible question: “Should we get a basket to collect things on the stairs?” NO! Right now, those papers […]

Creating a Home Mail Center

We may not be sending handwritten letters to our friends anymore, but there’s always something still in the mailbox.  I wanted to give you three tips on how to create a home mail processing center. 1. Assign a home for incoming mail.  Whether it’s the corner of the table in the hallway or a paper […]

Brain Drain: Mental TO DO Lists

Brain Drain: Mental TO DO Lists

A friend recently told me she is trying to prevent Alzheimer’s by trying to remember everything she has to do (without writing it down) as a form of mental excercise. I’m all about mental exercise and keeping sharp, but I suggested that my friend do the crossword puzzle or a Sudoku instead of keeping her […]