Pantry Series- Part 3- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Hillary Case, Living Peace Professional Organizer brings you the third in third in series devoted to pantry organizing. We are sad to say, that since the filming of this video, Hillary has moved and no longer has this beautiful pantry.  Stay tuned in the future to see what she does with her next pantry (if […]

Label your Containers

Label your Containers

The picture you see is of labeled plastic containers containing baking supplies.  Seems straightforward enough, right?  Well, my client had the right idea by purchasing these containers to store small like items together.  The trouble came when she (and other family members) forgot what was in the containers because the contents are not used on […]

Hang Laundry Delicate Bag from a Hanger

Do you find it difficult to keep your laundry orderly?  What about items designated to be washed in a delicate bag?  Here is a great idea (from a client) for keeping the delicate bag off the floor and easy to work with while filling on a daily basis.   All you need is your delicate […]

A Ceremony for My Shoes

A Ceremony for My Shoes

One technique we offer clients when parting with items is to have a ceremony or moment of silence in honor of the item.  This allows the person to acknowledge the item, then let it go.  I have seen this technique sucessfully implemented for clients but had never found a need to do it myself, until […]

Painter’s Tape to Hang Artwork

Another fabulous idea I learned from a client: use painter’s tape to hold and display children’s artwork on the walls.  The tape can be used like a border for the picture and comes off cleanly to keep your walls looking great. If you’re not a fan of the blue, panter’s tape also comes in green. […]

Use a Ladder to Store and Display Magazines

The image of a stack of magazines piled up is not appealing to me.  It is difficult to see what magazines are available for viewing reducing the liklihood that I will take the time to look at it. A great alternative storage idea for magazines is to use a ladder.  This can either be a […]

Product Review: Elfa Door Rack

An often forgotten about space for storage is the back of doors.  The Elfa Door Rack takes advantage of that space with adjustable bins and overdoor hooks (no tools required!).  This product is  an easy addition to any kitchen, pantry or utilitiy room. I suggested this product to a client with a large family.  As […]