Write it Down: Get Those Fleeting Thoughts Out of Your Head!

The Problem of Too Many Thoughts How many thoughts do you suppose run through your head in a day?  I didn’t do any formal research for this blog post, but based on personal experience I would suspect hundreds.  How many of those thoughts flutter in and out so quickly that you are left saying, “wait, […]

Making a Grocery List

Adventures in Being Prepared when Grocery Shopping I made a menu for the week, made my grocery shopping list, and when I arrived at the grocery store I realized I had forgotten my list!  What a bummer!  I always advocate shopping with a list and here I am racking my brain to remember what I […]

Wedding Emergency Prep Kit- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Hillary Adams Case, Living Peace Professional Organizer, explains how to create a wedding emergency prep kit. These kits can be great shower or pre-wedding presents for the bride in your life.  Click here: Your Wedding Emergency Kit for a checklist of what’s included in a Wedding Emergency Prep Kit.

Decide to Decide: Organizing is about Follow-through

In the organizing industry, we have a phrase coined by Kathy Waddill, “decide to decide.”  What does this mean?   In her book The Organizing Sourcebook, Waddill talks about “decide to decide” as the need to follow through with projects and tasks in our lives.  I see this most with my clients in the follow […]

Consider your Pets!

When taking on the task of decluttering and possibly rearranging a space, don’t forget the impact your changes may have on your pets.  You may laugh, but animals, much like humans, are creatures of habit, and when we change their world it can be a little unsettling.  I was pleasantly surprised when a client of […]

Coupons: Don’t Go Crazy!

Have you seen the television show on TLC called “Extreme Couponing“?  The show follows people who use massive quantities of coupons to get rediculous volumes of products.  Honestly, is it necessary to keep 100+ tubes of toothpaste in your home at one time?  I do give these people credit for the time and effort put […]

Use CD Binders for Music and DVD’s

If you have a large music and/or DVD collection, consider using binders to store them instead of the plastic cases they come in.  The cases take the most space and you could find a lot more space in your home by ridding youself of all the plastic.  CD binders can allow you to keep the […]