Electronic Cord Management- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Gabriela Burgman, Living Peace Professional Organizer, shares some techniques she has tried to tame electronic cords. Products Mentioned: Wrapster by quirky (just saw these in the dollar section at Target)   Small bobino cord wrap for earbuds  GearTie by NiteIze Innovation  Velcro universal straps

Home Renovation: Organizing a Plan of Action

Home Renovation: Organizing a Plan of Action

  In my previous blog post, I explained that your first step in a home renovation project is finding your service professionals. Even if you discovered that you wanted to complete the job yourself, you still need to complete this next step: creating a home renovation organizing plan. Any home renovation organizing plan is going […]

Home Renovation: Organizing Your Initial Steps

Organizing a home renovation does not have to be a mind bending experience. You just need a plan, a calendar, flexibility, and some help from friends, family, and/or professionals. The largest renovation job I’ve had to orchestrate was getting my basement sealed to prevent future flooding (the finished and unfinished halves of the basement had […]