Top 10 Smartphone Apps We Love

Have you ever wondered what types of apps professional organizers use on their smart phones? Recently the Living Peace crew shared their favorite apps. We hope you will benefit from this list, gaining more time and having less stress. These are not in any significant order. 1. Grocery iQ (Free – iPhone, iPad, Android)What makes […]

Electronic Cord Management- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Gabriela Burgman, Living Peace Professional Organizer, shares some techniques she has tried to tame electronic cords. Products Mentioned: Wrapster by quirky (just saw these in the dollar section at Target)   Small bobino cord wrap for earbuds  GearTie by NiteIze Innovation  Velcro universal straps

Home Renovation: Organizing a Plan of Action

Home Renovation: Organizing a Plan of Action

  In my previous blog post, I explained that your first step in a home renovation project is finding your service professionals. Even if you discovered that you wanted to complete the job yourself, you still need to complete this next step: creating a home renovation organizing plan. Any home renovation organizing plan is going […]