Want to increase your productivity? Learn to touch type

When I was a child, my mother worked as a word processor for a title insurance company. The first time I witnessed her typing up a record on the computer, I was amazed at how quickly her hands flew over the keys and how she could type without ever needing to look at the keyboard. […]

Organizing Passwords for Peace of Mind

My clients have lately been asking, “How do I safely keep track of all my passwords”? I have created this quick primer for you on password management. It only scratches the surface of this organizing dilemma but it will get you started on the right foot. You can record all of your usernames and passwords […]

Reproducing the Vacation Tranquility at Home

Reproducing the Vacation Tranquility at Home

A client of mine told me a story of how she had to move out of her home temporarily and live in a much smaller apartment. She only took her utmost essentials. When she was able to move back into her home, she came to the sudden realization that she was able to live happily […]

Halting the Catalog Flood Starting Today

Is your mail box getting stuffed each week with a growing number of catalogs from your favorite stores to those you don’t remember signing up for? Are they mounding up on your counter/table because you think you might look at them or are they filling up your recycling bin (and you feel guilty about all […]