In Your Face?

 Are your days feeling a little bit tight around the middle? Maybe it’s time for a facebook diet! Think about what the over consumption of social networking goodies can cost in both in lost income and in lost time. But, same as food, there’s no need to cut it out entirely – just a little easing back can get your days feeling like a great fit again.

As with anything- a little can be wonderful – but a lot can be damaging. If your virtual life is getting in the way of your actual life- it’s time for a change.
In dieting, slow and steady wins the race. So start slowly by writing down the amount of time you actually spend on your page each day for a week. WRITE IT DOWN -no judgment- and no cheating! Writing things down works for Weight Watchers and it can work here too. This will give you the facts so that you can then do something about.
What’s your goal? How much time do you want to spend online each week? When you’ve got that- make a plan. Maybe you’d like to cut your time in half. Try reducing by one quarter of that the first week, hold steady for another week, then ratchet down again. No big jolts to the system – no big symptoms of withdrawal.
Sounds good, but that’s only the first part of the plan. The critical ingredient for success is making a date with your cyber life- and – just as you might in the real world – WRITE IT DOWN on your calendar (there’s Weight Watcher magic again!). Maybe it’s a 3times a day check-in, maybe it’s one big chat before you turn in for the night. Whatever you choose – remember – you’re in control.

What have you got to loose? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a life you don’t have to squeeze into!


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