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Myth-Busting Minimalism: It’s a privilege

Myth-Busting Minimalism: It’s a privilege

Jun 18, 2018 | No Comments

As a self proclaimed minimalist, going on three years as a sailboat liveaboard, I start to muse deeper on the movement. One thing that has struck me is the distinction between being minimalist and being poor. At first glance they both have similarities, such as being mindful of what you buy, what you hold on […]

Cleaning out the liquor cabinet

Cleaning out the liquor cabinet

Jun 12, 2018 | No Comments

Want an easy 15-minute organizing project that will get you ready for the summer? Then head over to your liquor cabinet (or other space where you stash your liquor) and take a look at your current stash. You might find a collection of bottles left over from your last mixology party or a collection of […]

Client Testimonials

  • “Hillary is compassionate, has great ideas, and is so encouraging. It is so liberating to declutter and have extra space in my kitchen. Thanks again so much. Hillary gets 5 stars (out of 5)!”
    ~ Marlborough, MA ~

    - S.B.

  • “Hillary, it was great fun working with you this morning and I so look forward to our sessions. I can’t sing your praises loud enough!”
    ~ Marlborough, MA ~

    - B.F.

  • “I used to feel like a bad person because of how my home looked.  But when Amanda came in and saw my home, she didn’t judge me.  She helped me understand that I am a good person who was being held captive by my stuff.  Amanda’s acceptance allowed me to work my way through it to freedom.”

    ~ Gloucester MA ~

    - A.O.

  • “The filing and organizing systems that Living Peace helped setup in my office just allowed me to avert a $1,000 bank error on my checking account. I found the proof in less than FOUR MINUTES that allowed me to resolve the problem and get my money back. An excellent example of why it’s important to be organized, and why I celebrate having Living Peace in my life.”

    ~ Ipswich, MA ~

    - Dana M.

  • “Listening to you was a wonderful experience. I felt like I was listening to a soul mate describing the kind of work we do that really transforms people’s lives. You are an inspiration on so many levels for me!”

    ~ Workshop Attendee ~

    - Ariane Benefit

  • “I feel a calm sense of relief and confidence at being able to immediately put my hands on whatever I need.”~ Bedford, MA ~

    - D.G.

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